Rep. Drazkowski’s campaign treasurer compares being transgender to being serial killer Ted Bundy

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At The Column, staff writer Andy Birkey reports that Group opposed to inclusive athletics policy calls being transgender ‘dangerous’, but on state representative Steve Drazkowski’s Facebook page, John Adams, the Mazeppa lawmaker’s campaign treasurer goes one step farther, comparing being a transgender person with being Ted Bundy.

The comment comes after a comment sympathetic to transgender people:

John Adams Government should not support perversion and the public should never be forced to accept these vile /unnatural behaviors.
Yesterday at 10:17am
Jennifer Kuoppala I honestly do not know how I feel about the sports, I have mixed feelings. What I do know is that we live in a sad world. If someone is born with a physical disability, society continues to improve on accepting them for who they are. We lack greatly on what we cannot actually see, such as mental health. Transgender individuals are not perverts! The ones I know are far from it. There is nothing more unnatural about being transgender than there is with someone born without a limb. What about those who are born of both sexes? Are they also perverted in your eyes? I cannot ask you enough to sit down and talk to some. Listen to the turmoil of trying to accept themselves for who they are. The pain in living a life of a lie for fear of rejection from those they love. Transgender is not a choice! And I will stop with my ranting.
Yesterday at 12:58pm
John Adams Ted Bundy couldn’t help killing people. I guess he was born that way. He didn’t have any choice.

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