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Kevin Petersen, who campaigned with state representative Glenn Gruenhagen (R, Glencoe) for the constitutional amendment to limit the freedom to marry to straight people, is arguably one of the odder figures in Minnesota state politics.

Readers may remember Petersen from our 2013 post, In bizarre floor action, Gruenhagen roils entire body of Minnesota House with “ex-gay” friend. The incident went national the next day on Huffington Post, Think Progress and other venues. Or from the factually-challenged bizarre anti-gay video claiming HIV is transmitted in sweat that Gruenhagen and Petersen’s Pro-Marriage Amendment Forum created in an effort to defeat the Safe Schools bill.

Last night on his Facebook page, Peterson posted a bizarre response to the objections of some African-American community leaders to the finding of the grand jury investigation of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. He wrote:

When reading any Al Sharpton-like response to the Ferguson verdict (or Trevon Martin verdict) just replace the word “African-Americans” with “Germans” and “White America” with “Jew”…

…and it all makes sense.

We’re not sure how any of that makes sense as an analogy, as an understanding of the discourse of race in America, or as anything other than a very odd sense of injured merit on Petersen’s part. Surely he’s not suggesting that African-Americans objecting to police shooting unarmed black men are like Hitler spurring Germans toward committing mass, organized genocide against Jews.

The status isn’t even an illustration of Godwin’s Law, as it simply appeared magically on Petersen’s page rather than as a debate-stopper on a longer thread. It’s more along the lines of Ted Nugent’s Ferguson-inspired rant comparing Sharpton to the Ku Klux Klan, though blessedly not as potty-mouthed.

We’ll file it under “Things Glenn Gruenhagen and His Friends Think About Black People,” along with Gruenhagen’s infamous floor statement that the government pays “minority” men to impregnate women.

Here’s a screenshot of Petersen’s status:


Photo: Representative Glenn Gruenhagen (R, Glencoe), left, and his ex-gay friend Kevin Petersen, right, on the “Speechless” public access cable show in 2012. They were discussing the efforts of the Pro-Marriage Amendment Forum, a group they founded, to pass the amendment to restrict the freedom to marry in Minnesota to only opposite-gender couples.

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