Devon Michael Glen Strouss, suspected of shooting two people at the 19 Bar on Oct. 15, was released on reduced bail last week. The suspect’s family has told the media that he acted in self-defense. Strouss’ Twitter feed has multiple mentions of guns.

According to Hennepin County booking information, Strouss was processed at the Hennepin County Jail at about on Oct 17. Bail has been set at $150,000, but on Monday, October 20, bail was reduced to $2,500 and Strouss was released. Strauss is being charged with 2 counts of 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon, and one count of discharging a dangerous weapon. All three are felonies.

On Oct. 15, around 9:15pm, a man with a dog was escorted from the bar for being intoxicated. The bar manager closed the bar door behind the suspect, and the suspect fired 6 shots through the closed door, hitting the bar manager and a customer. Both were taken to HCMC with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police believe the man who did the shooting was Devon Strouss.

Last week, City Pages reported that they had received information from someone close to Strouss claiming that he fired his weapon in self-defense.

“There’s a video of people knocking Devon down and relentlessly beating him and kicking him, and his dog, and wouldn’t stop,” an email from an unnamed source told City Pages. “So he fired his gun in self-defense, not at a certain person, but just fired it to scare them to stop. It was an accident that he shot someone.”

19 Bar owner Gary Hallberg wasn’t at the bar when the shooting happened, but says the video footage tells a different tale.

“I wasn’t there, but obviously that guy was so drunk he wasn’t really there either,” Hallberg told CityPages. “We have 20 cameras in there. Do you want to see the footage? This whole story about [Strouss] being attacked and his dog being attacked is ridiculous,” Hallberg said.

Strouss’ Facebook page, which police say they used to help identify him as a suspect, has been taken down. But Strouss’ other social media pages remain live and constantly updated. Those sources paint the picture of a young man who glorified selling drugs, owning weapons including guns, and fancied himself a rap artist.

The day after being released from jail, Strouss tweeted:

In the days since his release he’s been offering some cryptic messages:

Last month, Strouss was tweeting about guns and violence:

Strouss has also tweeted about crime:

Earlier this summer, Stouss criticized LGBT pride:

Strouss raps under the moniker D-Wild. His songs also contain allusions to gun violence.

According to a court document that Strouss posted online, as a juvenile, he was convicted of first degree aggravated robbery.

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