Two people were injured in a shooting on Wednesday evening at the 19 Bar in Loring Park in Minneapolis.

According to police dispatch audio, a man opened fire at the 19 Bar injuring two people. One person was shot in the leg and another was grazed by a bullet.

Police cordoned off the area surrounding the 19 Bar on Wednesday night.

According to several witnesses at the bar, a white male was intoxicated when he arrived and escorted out of the bar. As the door closed, he fired as many as 6 shots and shot a victim in the leg. Another victim’s leg was also grazed by a bullet. One victim was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to police dispatch audio and witnesses at the bar, the suspect was a white male with a red hat, checkered shirt, and white flip-flops. He also had a dog on a leash. It is unknown whether a suspect is in custody.

As shots rang out, witnesses say patrons fled to the bathrooms, locked the doors, and called 911.

The door to the bar was riddled with bullet holes:

People on Twitter snapped photos of the commotion outside as the police arrived:

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