Home News Minneapolis to host national LGBT gathering

Minneapolis to host national LGBT gathering

Minneapolis to host national LGBT gathering

The Summer Meeting, organized by the Equality Federation, will be held in Minneapolis this weekend.

Activists from around the country will be in Minneapolis this weekend (July 30 – Aug. 2) for the Summer Meeting of the Equality Federation Institute. The Equality Federation is a membership organization comprised of many state-based LGBT equality organizations such as OutFront Minnesota.

According to the Star Tribune, about 160 activists will be in town this weekend. Minneapolis was chosen as this year’s host city because of significant wins for LGBT equality including the defeat of the anti-gay marriage amendment in 2012, the enactment of marriage equality in 2013, and the passage of the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act in 2014.

“We wanted to shine light on the work that’s happening and the work that’s still being done in the state,” Jace Woodrum, director of communications at the Equality Federation Institute, told the Star Tribune.

Last year, the meeting was in Salt Lake City. In 2012, it was in Portland, Oregon.

Among the workshops attendees will attend: Racial Justice: Working Effectively at the Intersections, Advocacy & Legislation to Protect Youth from Conversion Therapy, Winning Republicans: Key Strategies and Tactics, and California’s School Success and Opportunity Act: A Case Study of the Nation’s First of Its Kind Law Protecting Transgender Students.