On the heels of baking cakes for the first same-sex couples married in Minnesota, General Mills brand Betty Crocker will be doing the same at Twin Cities Pride for those that marry at this year’s festival.

In addition to baking cakes for newlywed LGBT couples, Betty Crocker is also conducting national research on the changing face of homemaking in America — and LGBT couples at Twin Cities Pride will be the focus.

“Throughout Pride, Betty Crocker will be asking attendees what home means to them and share their responses with the #HomemakerPride hashtag in social media,” the brand’s blog announced this week.

For Pride Month, Betty Crocker has also been soliciting ideas for rainbow themed desserts.

“Betty has always been a pioneer and guide for homemakers. As today’s family continues to evolve, so does Betty,” Perteet Spencer, marketing manager for Betty Crocker, said in a statement. “Our purpose is to help make a home. Better understanding of those cultural dynamics will help us provide the best products and services to meet current and future needs of families everywhere.”

“Pride is a way for us to really bring our brand purpose to life by celebrating all families,” said Spencer. “Not only will we be able to continue the great work we did last year, we’ll be able to gain deeper insights into today’s modern homemaker as part of our national survey.”

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