Trinity Works, an evangelical group planning an mass “ex-gay” conversion outreach at Twin Cities Pride, recently told a church congregation that it’s outreach workers will cure HIV during Pride.

Trinity Works, in coalition with what it says are 30 Twin Cities churches, is planning “Humility 2014,” an infiltration of Twin Cities Pride by outreach workers hoping to convince members of the LGBT community to leave the “lifestyle” as well as their partners, family, and friends, and become heterosexual born-again Christians. The group had a failed plan to rent out the Gay 90s as a church during Pride.

The group says it has about 300 outreach workers scheduled for Pride, and those workers will be based at First Baptist Church on Hennepin Avenue along the Pride parade route.

Its leader Steven Uggen told a group gathered in April at The Well, A Living Church in Robbinsdale, that people will be cured of “HIV or AIDS” at the Pride festivities. Uggen says that by healing those with HIV, it will prove to the LGBT community that they should find Jesus and leave “the lifestyle.”

“One of the words we got out of this outreach, the Lord really wanted to demonstrate his goodness to this community by releasing healing of HIV and AIDS, so we believe we’re going to see people healed of HIV and AIDS and we’re just, we’re carrying that word of the Lord into this outreach. And that will be part of our training just praying with boldness for the releasing of healing power and then sending them back to their doctors literally after praying for them. ‘Here’s what I want you to do: go to your doctor, get tested for HIV or AIDS and when you come back negative, you’ve got a decision to make whether you’re gonna serve the God who just healed you’ and then give them some gospel materials that they can take with them and encourage them to call on us and let us know and I’m confident that we’re going to have people healed of HIV and AIDS that are going to be contacting us. The funny thing is Jesus healed the 10 lepers and only one came back to acknowledge him so there may be 10 that get healed but only one come back, you know. This is a strategy that God wants to use so the very fruit of their sin is what he wants to, like, take away to show them his kindness and his goodness. I mean it’s just totally Jesus. I mean it’s like totally his way so we’re excited about that.”

Uggen and Trinity Works are convinced that his outreach workers will be able to heal people. In April, Trinity Works trained its more than 100 outreach workers at a “Messenger Boot Camp” on how to raise the dead. The group brought in David Hogan, a missionary to Mexico, who claims to have raised more than 250 people from the dead with little more than prayer.

To date, there have been no confirmed “healings” of HIV through prayer anywhere in the world. The standard treatment for HIV infection, anti-retroviral medications, have made the disease a manageable one for those with access to health care.

Already during Pride weekend, Trinity Works outreach workers have been spotted in Minneapolis. This man, photographed by Peter Gokey just outside the Saloon, appears to confirm Trinity Works’ belief in prayer as a cure for HIV.


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  1. A ‘christian’ will poison absolutely anything or anyone it touches.

    One wold think they would be more concerned with their own broken families.

    When ‘christians’ wonder to themselves why the world mocks them and has little respect for them and their morals, they can refer to this article.

    The world’s respect for them is dropping each and every day. Poor fools. Too stupid and indoctrinated to understand that if they are tired of getting punched, they simply need to stop punching people.

  2. So what’s “Plan B” for when exactly no one is healed? What, they think that their god hasn’t already heard enough prayers to get going on that? Unfortunately I can attest that they have already received the necessary training to withstand the scorn and derision that they so richly deserve.

  3. How can I explain this to the world that there is a man who can cure HIV/aids I was HIV over since 7year I have being into HIV drug I can’t anymore I decide to look for help then I found this woman post write about this great man DR.Asemota telling people about him that this man have cured to HIV I don’t believe that because all I have in mind is HIV had no cure, thank god for my life today am HIV negative through the power of DR.Asemota I contacted this man for help because who write about him drop an email of the man I pick the email and emailed him for the cure this man told me what to do about the cure well am from Australia this man cast a curing spell on me and he told me that he will call me after the cure is done truly he did I was cured for 45mins spell what a wonderful man this DR.Asemota if you need his cured just email him now or visit him at his website at

  4. Look, if God would or could cure AIDS, I’d totally give up being a lesbian and become a xtian.
    But He won’t because he is either the biggest a$$hole or doesn’t exist. whichever.

    I don’t feel any concern that I am going to have to throw away my birkenstocks and get a rosary.

  5. As a United Methodist clergyperson, I am deeply embarrassed and saddened by the actions of Trinity Works. Please remember that persons associated with Trinity Works do not represent all Christians. There are many of us who believe in a God who loves and accepts everyone just as they are.

  6. Of course if they don’t cure HIV they can always fall back on the old “they didn’t have enough faith” excuse. works every time.

  7. This headline is a blatant lie. Its sad that you cant just write the story based on the facts without sensationalizing it with a bogus headline. smh

  8. Care to share why you think it’s a lie? The group is evangelical by its own admission. That takes care of the first part of the headline. A direct quote: “the Lord really wanted to demonstrate his goodness to this community by releasing healing of HIV and AIDS, so we believe we’re going to see people healed of HIV and AIDS.” Takes care of the second part of the headline. And they said they were going to heal people at Twin Cities Pride. You are objectively incorrect in your critique. smh indeed.


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