Stretch of Park Avenue signs changed to “One Gay”


On the stretch of Minneapolis’ Park Avenue from 46th Street to Lake Street, every “One Way” sign has been changed to “One Gay” by placing a “G” sticker over the “W”. That’s about 30 “One Gays” decorating the busy thoroughfare.

Is it an art project, a political statement, or just a prankster having some fun? Or maybe a means of directing traffic toward downtown and the upcoming Twin Cities Pride events?

As of yet, no one has claimed responsibility for the vandalism. And whatever the motivation and meaning, the phenomena is not unique to Minneapolis. Already this year, the cryptic signs have popped up in other communities.

One sign was spotted in the gay stronghold of San Francisco in January.

New Orleans was hit with “One Gay” as well, the Washington Post reports. “Someone had even changed a street sign on Dauphine Street from ‘One Way’ to ‘One Gay,’ the sign’s arrow playfully pointing toward one of the LGBT-friendly neighborhoods.”

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