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OUT Twin Cities Film Fest announces 2014 lineup

OUT Twin Cities Film Fest announces 2014 lineup


Nearly 40 films (feature length and shorts) will be screened at the OUT Twin Cities Film Festival, which will held at the Theaters at Mall of America for the first time.

Here’s the lineup. Visit OUT Twin Cities Film Festival for a full synopsis of each film.

Wednesday, June 4

5:20pm – American Vagabond – Directed by Susanna Helke (Finland/USA) RT: 85 min
6:55pm – The Rugby Player-Directed by Scott Gracheff (USA) RT: 90 min
Q&A with director Scott Gracheff
Sponsored by Rugby Athletic
also the short film Balls of Steel- Directed by Olivier Servieres (France) RT: 5 min. 20 sec. (Subtitled)
9:10pm – The Little House That Could -Directed by Mars Roberge (Canada/USA) RT: 90 min.
Q&A with director Mar Roberge

Thursday, June 5

5:00pm – Boy Meets Girl -directed by Eric Schaeffer (USA) RT: 95 min
Sponsored by Reclaim with Panel Discussion led by Reclaim
also the short film The Committee directed by Aaron Hose (USA) RT: 24 min
7:45pm – Drunktown’s Finest – directed by Sydney Freeland (USA) RT: 95 min
Q&A with director Sydney Freeland
Sponsored by Minnesota Two Spirit Society
10:05pm – Kumu Hina -directed by Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson (USA) RT: 75 Min

Friday, June 6: Provocateur Section

5:30pm – Skanks – directed by David McMahon (USA) RT: 85 Min
7:05pm -Power Erotic – directed by Lawrence Ferrara (USA) RT: 82 min.
Q&A by Lawrence Ferrara
also the short film Safe Word directed by Todd Lillethun (USA) RT: 15 minA young gay couple engages in a role-playing fantasy in order to spice up their relationship.
9:30pm – Folsom Forever – directed by Mike Skiff (USA) RT: 72 min.
Q&A by Mike Skiff
also the short film Narcissist directed by Eric Casaccio (USA) RT: 18 min
11:50 PM – Pan Play Decadence – directed by Giovanni Aloi (Italy) RT: 72 min. (Subtitles)

Saturday, June 7

11:00am -The New Black – directed by Yoruba Richen (USA) RT: 80 min
12:35pm – Saturday Shorts
A Last Farewell directed by Casper Andreas (Sweden) RT: 12 min. (Subtitles)
Dinner at 40 directed by Carl Byrd (USA) RT: 18 min.
Human Warmth directed by Christophe Predari (Belgium) RT: 11 min. (Subtitles)
The Best Friend (O Melhor Amigo) directed by Allan Deberton (Brazil) RT: 17 min. (Subtitles)
The Falceto Jazz Club directed by Daniel Luke Rogers (Australia) RT: 14 min.
Justine directed by Eric Shahinian (USA) RT: 6 min. 25 sec.
2:10pm – Of Girls and Horses – directed by Monika Treut (Germany) RT: 85 min. (Subtitles)
3:50pm – Five Dances -directed by Alan Brown (USA) RT: 83 min
5:30pm – Meth Head -directed by Jane Clark (USA) RT: 108 min. Sponsored by Pride Institute
Sponsored by Pride Institute
Panel discussion by Pride Institute
8:05pm – To Be Takei -directed by Jennifer M. Kroot (USA) RT: 90 min.
Sponsored by Twin Cities Pride
9:50 PM -The 10 Year Plan – directed by JC Calciano (USA) RT: 90 min.
Q&A by JC Calciano

Sunday, June 8: Family Friendly

11:00am – Silent Youth – directed by Diemo Kemmesies (Germany) RT: 72 min. (Subtitles)
12:30pm – Kidnapped For Christ – directed by Kate Logan (USA) RT: 85 min.
Sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian Church &Grace-Trinity Community Church.
Panel discussion led by Westminster Presbyterian Church & Grace-Trinity Community Church.
2:40pm – Family Friendly Shorts –
Queer Media Project Presented by Minneapolis Television Network (Youth Programming)
Barbie Boy directed by Nick Corporon (USA) RT: 13 min.
Leonor’s Journey directed by Vivian Kleiman (USA) RT: 20 min.
Families Are Forever directed by Vivian Kleiman (USA) RT: 21 min.
Q&A by Caitlyn Ryan Director of the Family Acceptance Project, Executive Producer
4:45pm – Sunday Shorts Program –
Being Stavros directed by Johothan McLeod (Scotland) RT: 10 min.
Gay Goth Scene directed by Kai Stanicke (Germany) RT: 5 min.
Foreign Relations directed by Reid Waterer (USA/Greece) RT: 25 min.
In Defense of Traditional Marriage directed by Thom Newell (USA) RT: 7 min.
Goodnight My Love directed by Kellee Terrell (USA) RT: 10 min.
Mecs Meufs directed by Liam Engle (France) RT: 14 min. (Subtitles)
Luigi e Vincenzo directed by Giuseppe Bucci (Italy) RT: 5 min. (Subtitles)
Filmmaker comments
6:45pm – John Apple Jack – directed by Monika Mitchell (Canada) RT: 90 min.
Q&A by Rick Tae, Writer/Producer
9:00pm – Such Good People -directed by Stewart Wade (USA) RT: 97 min.