The Straight and Gay Alliance at Concordia College in Moorhead is hosting Sam Brinton, a victim of “ex-gay” conversion therapy, as part of an event titled, “You Can’t Change What We Never Choose: Ending Conversion Therapy.”

According to the event press release, “When Brinton was just 12 years old, his parents put him through torture (otherwise known as “conversion therapy.”) Though ex-gay therapy has been proven not to work and drives many people to suicide, it is still legal in many states across the United States. The survivors of this conversion therapy have an important and heartbreaking story to tell.”

An effort to ban “ex-gay” therapy for minors in Minnesota failed to get a hearing at the Legislature this year. Already, California and New Jersey have banned the practice for minors.

Brinton told his story in 2010 in a video:

Here are the details for the event:
Date: Monday, April 14 at 8:30pm
Location: Concordia’s Barry Auditorium, #37, Concordia College, 901 8th St S, Moorhead, MN 56562
Admission: Free
For more information, visit Facebook

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