Spotlight on the Arts: Justin Kirkeberg

Justin head shot

Justin Kirkeberg

Tell us about your form of art, performance or work.


Where and how can the general public view, participate in, or purchase your work?  

Tell us a little about your inspiration. What inspires you?    

Candid is inspired by the stories that are often not told. People who are marginalized by modern theater

Tell us about one piece, work, or performance about which you are particularly proud?
Dogwood Production Photo
“Dogwood” is the story of a family at odds with each other. Three adult children come back to their childhood home for a family gathering and they bring with them the wounds of childhood. As much as they love each other they also don’t really know one another. Secrets are revealed over this long weekend

Recently’s own Mrs. Margie Pederson had Justin over to the kitchen table to discuss the show.  You can listen to here:

Read a review of Dogwood

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Discount tickets are available for upcoming performances of Dogwood


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