50th Anniversary of Boy Scouts of America (1960)

When the Boy Scouts of America announced in 2013 that it would be inclusive in terms of sexual orientation it sent religious conservatives in a tailspin.

Churches stopped sponsoring troops and conservative Christian parents began to pull their kids from the Boy Scouts. Trail Life USA has stepped in to fill the void.

In Minnesota, several chapters of Trail Life USA have started to pop up around the state, Bluestem Prairie reports.

Three Trail Life USA troops have been chartered in Rochester, Brooklyn Center and Little Falls, with another being established in Dawson. The group for boys, which doesn’t not allow openly gay boys to be members, has been billed as The ‘Other’ Boy Scouts Of America.

Minnesota’s other TLUSA troops are sponsored by Bachmann crony and prosperity gospelmonger Mac Hammond’s Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Center; Hammond shares the Little Falls pastor’s fears that marriage equality threatens the free speech of Christians. The third troop meets at Christ Community Church in Rochester. As far back as 2005, the pastor at the latter congregation supported the marriage amendment.

BSP also notes the anti-LGBT behavior of the churches sponsoring the Trail Life USA troops.

Trail Life USA was founded by John Stemberger, who also head’s the religious right Florida Family Policy Council. He founded Trail Life USA, in part, because he thinks allowing openly gay scouts will lead to rampant sexual abuse.

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