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Tell us your name

Tiffany Roberts

Tell us about your form of art, performance or work.

i am an mc, ecdysiast, actor, dancer, comedian, improvisor, aerialist, producer, writer, filmmaker and model.

Where and how can the general public view, participate in, or purchase your work?

i post all info for my shows on my public Facebook page:

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Tell us a little about your inspiration. What inspires you?

i am inspired by everything around me.  i have years of improv training which taught me to access the “what if” part of my brain, so i think anything can be turned into art when the right spin is applied.  i draw inspiration from music, movies, other performers of past and present, pieces of art which are not in the medium of entertainment, characters i meet every day, things i read and that pure, uncensored creativity we all have in our brains

Tell us about one piece, work, or performance about which you are particularly proud?

i am most presently jazzed about my theatrical burlesque troupe, The Wicked Wenches Cabaret.  some of my favorite performances include: “Strip Wars: Return of the Sexy,” “Under the Rainbow,” “Busta Nutcracker” and “SuperMario: Godfather.”  i’m delighted to be a part of the upcoming “Princess T: Jizney Story,” “Rubmeo and Juliet,” “A Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream” and “Titlight.”  i, along with the show director of the WWC, CheeryBomb Jac, will be dancing, clowning and performing acro in the Seychelles Islands Carnivale in April. so, that’s pretty cool.

What are you typically doing on a Friday night?

A lot of what i do on stage is live and unrecorded (some of it i don’t repeat so once you’ve seen it, it’s gone forever).

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

You can visit my Facebook page,, to see pictures of my acts.  you’ll just have to come see me in person!

Huge hugs to everyone who has taught me, supported me and enjoyed watching me through the past 20 years.  much love to you all! <3


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