Spotlight on the Arts: Venus DeMars


Venus de Mars

Needs No Further Introduction

Tell us about your form of art, performance or work.   
Multiciplinary known as leader/founder of the Dark-Glam band “Venus de Mars & All The Pretty Horses,” but I’ve been very active in the arts community as a filmmaker, performance artist, and painter as well.

Where and how can the general public view, participate in, or purchase your work?   
To stay up to date on all that I do, either joining my list-serve via my website:, OR by following or friending me on Facebook or Twitter.

Tell us a little about your inspiration. What inspires you?   
Honestly.. Life inspires me. Ironically the hardships specifically, and to get through them, I turn to my art, and my faith in humanity.

Tell us about one piece, work, or performance about which you are particularly proud?   
My work musically has been at the forefront of what I do. I can’t name one event as my career spans 30 years…but my musical career journey has brought me to places I’d never have imagined possible.

What are you typically doing on a Friday night?  Well, This Friday…
upcoming performance: The Queer’s Book of Journey: A User’s Guide to the Lost and Found

I am ALWAYS available to talk!

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