A former contributor to TheColu.mn is making waves with his book, Land of 10,000 Loves.

The book dives into bits of Minnesota’s LGBT history with vignettes, photos, and interviews about both important historical events and the everyday lives of LGBT Minnesotans throughout the state’s history.

The idea for the book came after Van Cleve did a series of history articles for TheColu.mn (Land of 10,000 Loves is available at the University of Minnesota Press).

The book has been nominated for the Second Biennial Hognander Minnesota History Award through the Minnesota Book Awards. The winner will be announced in early march, and the awards gala is Saturday, April 5 at the Saint Paul Union Depot.

Hognander Family Foundation is the main backer of the award, and the criteria includes “quality and originality of scholarship, accuracy and clarity, and the book’s contribution to the field of Minnesota history.”

Joe Hognander of the foundation said in a statement about the awards, “We established this award because of our relationship with the Minnesota Historical Society. Its commitment to excellence is noteworthy in promoting scholarly research and writing. We hope this award will inspire more activity by recognizing and rewarding the finest work in the field.”

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table of the American Library Association is also considering Land of 10,000 Loves for inclusion on the Over the Rainbow list which recommends GLBT-themed books for inclusion on libraries across the country. Land of 10,000 Loves is one of 175 nominees for inclusion.

Last year, Van Cleve’s book was nominated for the Minnesota Book Awards in the Minnesota category.

TheColu.mn caught up with Van Cleve to see how the book is doing and what new projects may be in the works.

“In general, I would say the reception has been positive, if a little more subdued than what I anticipated,” Van Cleve said. “I think part of it is simply timing, since the marriage fight has understandably attracted the lion’s share of everyone’s attention for the last few years. Another part of it lies in how people are seeking information these days, which typically doesn’t include books.”

He added, “That’s part of the reason why I’m working with Dot Beltser on an upcoming Twin Cities Pride history app that should be ready for June this year.”

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