Arlon Lindner will not be running for another term.

When speaking for his bill to strip GLBT equal rights from the Minnesota constitution, he said “What I’m trying to prevent is the Holocaust of our children [from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases]. If you want to sit around and wait until America becomes another African continent, you do that, but I’m going to do something.” He was, of course, trying to make the case that all GLBT people spread HIV.

Also when speaking of his anti-GLBT bill and asked about homosexuals and the holocaust: “It never happened,” Lindner told the Minnesota House. “I was a child during World War II, and I’ve read a lot about World War II,” he said. “It’s just been recently that anyone’s come out with this idea that homosexuals were persecuted to this extent. There’s been a lot of rewriting of history.”

When the Dalai Lama came to Minnesota, Lindner wrote: “He claims to be a god-king, a leader of the Buddha religion, which historically has been considered a cult because of its anti-Biblical teachings concerning the one true Holy God, Creator of Heaven and earth and His Son, Jesus Christ.” And then he boycotted the visit.

He said and done many other fundie christian things over the years. It’s gonna be great to see him go! Bu-bye honey!

PS. I found this picture on the internet! Oh my! There’s a ton more here.

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