Special Projects

TheColu.mn as an organization is engaged in a number of large-scale projects in fulfillment of our mission from history books, visual and performing arts, in-depth data projects and much more. Find out more about each project below.

The Buy Equality project is an initiative of TheColu.mn, an effort to educate the public on businesses that have made decisions contrary to full equality for LGBT Minnesotans. We’ve compiled data from campaign finance reports, news reports and other sources to provide a comprehensive database.


Face Off HIV is a project intended to bring the rich and diverse stories of Minnesotans living with HIV and AIDS to a living document beginning with a coffee table book.
Putting the Ribbon Back On is a short documentary film that tells the story of Connie Statz and her idea of building a camp for people living with HIV/AIDS or those who have been effected by. This camp also known as Camp Benedict.