moorheadSame-sex couples living in Moorhead, Minn., might soon have their relationships recognized by the city. The Moorhead Human Rights Commission passed a resolution last week urging the Moorhead city council to enact an ordinance creating a domestic partner registry.

While state law prohibits local governments from offering domestic partner benefits, the municipalities can create a registry. Minneapolis has had such an ordinance since 1991, and Duluth and St. Paul enacted ordinances this year. As Phil Duran of OutFront Minnesota explained at the commission meeting, “All of these ordinances are largely symbolic.”

Josh Boschee, president of the board of directors of the Pride Collective told the commission, “It would allow for all families to be recognized in the city of Moorhead… It would create an environment where employers would be able to offer benefits.”

Laurie Baker, a mother, taxpayer and resident of Moorhead urged the commission to draft an ordinance for the city council. “I want to see Moorhead as one of the communities taking the lead in Minnesota.”

The commission passed the resolution and will be sending a draft ordinance to the city council. And just days before a city council election, the issue has become a campaign topic. The vast majority of candidates at a forum last week expressed support for the measure.

Below is a video segment from the Human Rights Commission meeting:

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